Gleyson Lage, or simply Gleys, is an imaging producer, sound designer and creative writer. Born in Brazil but surprisingly not good at soccer.
Gleys has produced for very many radio stations in a wide range of formats, even though he had become specialized in mainstream stations. Today, he is the mind behind two of the most relevant radio stations in Brazil: BH FM and Rádio Globo, those which have significant results in two Brazilian capital cities. Gleys also does the imaging for other well-known stations such as Mundo Livre, in Curitiba; Magia 107 in Florianópolis; 102 FM in Macapá among others.
Gleys has algo worked as a live personality and host on several radio morning shows but has decided to leave the microphones behind and only focus on production.
In recent years, he joined the American team MIX GROUP where he daily creates for CHR/MAINSTREAM radio stations in The U.S. Thus, he is the only Brazilian imaging producer holding a concrete international portfolio.
Besides having worked for Brazilian and American stations, he has taken part in projects for stations in Canada, Portugal and South Africa.

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